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Borrow smarter. its-cc-p

Has your attitude toward debt changed? Just about everyone’s has—for the better. Nowadays, most folks recognize that it’s hard to build wealth with debt in the way—and all too easy to get into trouble. The new rule of thumb? Pay cash when you can, keep borrowing to a minimum, and pay loans back fast

Guidance from Northway
If you need to borrow, Northway can show you the best way to go. We’ll listen hard, explain your options, and make a recommendation. One that starts with a low rate and ends with a fast payback. After all, the smartest loan is the one you don’t have anymore.

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Work the Numbers
Want to manage debt wisely? The links below take you to calculators that can help you make smart decisions.

Should I refinance?

Which mortgage is best?

Should I consolidate my loans?

How long will it take to pay off my credit card?

How soon can I eliminate my debts?




More tips
Why do so many people learn about debt the hard way? Perhaps because few voices counseled caution until recently. Here are some tips for using debt wisely. Do you have an idea of your own? Share it on Northway’s Facebook page.

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