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Working Capital

Equipment Financing

Business Acquisition/Refinancing

Construction and Permanent Real Estate Financing

If your business needs to maintain an investment in fixed assets, Northway's term loans and revolving financing solutions can help you buy or refurbish the machinery and equipment necessary to keep your business on the cutting edge.

Term Loans
Fully funded loans used over a fixed period of time depending on the depreciable life of the fixed asset being purchased (machinery & equipment) and repaid monthly.

Equipment Line of Credit
A one year pre-approved credit facility used to provide as needed advances to purchase machinery or equipment, renewable annually. As advances are drawn, they are termed out over a pre-determined period of time and remaining availability under the line is permanently reduced.

Equipment Revolvers
A pre-approved line of credit used to provide multiple future advances to purchase equipment, machinery or vehicles as required. Advances are based on pre-approved terms and termed out over a fixed period of time. As loans are repaid, availability under the line is replenished for future advances.

Call us at (603) 326-1010 to arrange a confidential discussion about the many options available to you and your business.

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