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Mortgage brokers need to be licensed and federal regulated institutions like Northway Bank need their Mortgage Loan Originators to be registered. Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) contains licensing/registration information on mortgage companies, branches and loan originator professionals. NMLS Consumer AccessSM is a free service for consumers to confirm that the mortgage professional with which they wish to conduct business is registered or licensed. The unique identifier also allows consumers and the industry to easily track specific originators’ histories and qualifications through NMLS Consumer Access.


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Mortgage Loan Originator Registration Numbers

Ashland   NMLS#
Mark Allgood   666873
Jessie Whalen   836702

Bedford   NMLS#
Eric Boucher †   409082

Belmont   NMLS#
Michelle Blake   409046
Roberta Anderson   1028634
Linda Preskins †   627944

Berlin   NMLS#
Kelly Guilmette   409042
Angela Clark   409038
Francie Valliere   409081
Pamela Kline   409076
Lucinda Bragg †   771191

Call Center   NMLS#
Shari Ronan   1114389
Patricia Hamilton   409055
Paula Roberts   828856
Marisa Villnave   1161332
Amanda Belanger   1181759

Campton   NMLS#
Anna Hanrahan   409061
Katie Palmer   1051678
Savannah Fitzpatrick   1074046

Bill Zafirson †   718148
Evelyn Whelton †   409088

Collections   NMLS#
Ronald Beaudoin   1127115
Zuri Chambers   1127116
Christine Lee   1127117

Concord   NMLS#
Angela O'Bryan   1086419
Eric Anthony   409070
Lukas Cochran   857016

Conway Village   NMLS#
Lyn-Marie McCarthy   409079

Gorham   NMLS#
Bernie Guay   409052
Kimberly Harris   993334
Susan Small   409068

Laconia   NMLS#
Karen Hickey   409074
Vanessa Vittum †   409086

Manchester   NMLS#
Gregory Kennedy   992812
Lori Chateauneuf   1002418
Amra Karic   1068198

Meredith   NMLS#
Matthew Sawyer   408983

North Conway - Intervale   NMLS#
Vikki Corbridge   836777
William Sanborn   560893
Kathy Sanderson †   409084

North Conway - Settlers   NMLS#
Munsey Knox   814997
Marc Johnson   409065
Gloria Tibbetts   409080

Pittsfield   NMLS#
Ryleigh Simms   1121935
Jared Griffin   409028

Plymouth   NMLS#
Glen Feener   409051
Armand Girouard   880960
Sandra Hair   409064
Jeremy Clark †   409083

Portsmouth   NMLS#
Sara Bester   751654
Katrina Roberts   706342
Ashley VanNorden   530904

Tilton   NMLS#
Barbara Lawler   1057055
Jannette Thompson   1106282
Kiley Joslyn   900757
Amy Hallowell   751811

West Ossipee   NMLS#
Dorian Norcross   409040
Amy Brown   409036
Bonnie Ainsworth   409069
Tammy Bates   409062
John Szewczyk †   409085

West Plymouth   NMLS#
Sharon Doyle   874786
Gina Lincoln   409066
Candace Petz   1146237

* These individuals may travel to other locations.
† These individuals take residential loans and vary from locations.
   Everyone else can only take Home Equity loans.

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