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Mortgage brokers need to be licensed and federal regulated institutions like Northway Bank need their Mortgage Loan Originators to be registered. Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) contains licensing/registration information on mortgage companies, branches and loan originator professionals. NMLS Consumer AccessSM is a free service for consumers to confirm that the mortgage professional with which they wish to conduct business is registered or licensed. The unique identifier also allows consumers and the industry to easily track specific originators’ histories and qualifications through NMLS Consumer Access.

Last revised 4/5/17

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Mortgage Loan Originator Registration Numbers
Belmont   NMLS#
Michelle Blake   409046
Tracie Johnson   706913

Berlin   NMLS#
Francie Valliere   409081
Lucinda Bragg*†   771191

Call Center   NMLS#
Shari Corriveau   1114389
Celia Horter   1416313
Moriah Morency   1426328
Ashley Santone   1442085
Noelle Meer   1583522

Campton   NMLS#
Bobette Huke   1310454
Michael Crompton   1428644

Collections   NMLS#
Zuri Chambers   1127116
Patricia Hamilton   409055

Concord   NMLS#
Heather Francoeur   752029
Roberta Anderson   10286354
Isaac Davis*   705750

Conway Village   NMLS#
Wendy Olson*†   257431
Deanna Hanley   898827
Louisa Gagnon   1024595
Ed Harrigan*†   235922

Gorham   NMLS#
Kimberly Harris   993334
Sandra Barreira   1199508

Laconia   NMLS#
Cheri Snow   1353339
David McMahon   869013
Linda Preskins*†   627944

Manchester   NMLS#
Angela Smith   1322481
Meredith Coleman   1139367

Meredith   NMLS#
Vanessa Baker   1467343
Jannette Thompson   1106282

North Conway - Intervale   NMLS#
Vikki Corbridge   836777
Christopher Russell   1220337
Dorian Norcross   409040
Lyn-Marie McCarthy*†   409079
Jennifer Tate   1523033

North Conway - Settlers   NMLS#
Janet Kelley   872026
Gloria Tibbetts   409080
Tammy Bates   409062

North Conway - CLC   NMLS#
Ginger Gagne   1505305

Pittsfield   NMLS#
Lori Chateauneuf   1002418
Alyssa Valladares   1573612

Plymouth   NMLS#
Glen Feener   409051
Silvia Suldenski   1393887

Portsmouth   NMLS#
Sara Bester   751654
Julie Cosgrove*†   910400
James Hayes*   169176

Tilton   NMLS#
Barbara Lawler   1057055
Kiley Joslyn-Gibbs   900757
Sugar Patel   1520114

West Ossipee   NMLS#
Bonnie Ainsworth   409069
Kim Cochrane   1295730
Debra Golder   752055
Vanessa Vittum*†   409086

West Plymouth   NMLS#
Gina Lincoln   409066
Janet Currier   1081190

* These individuals may travel to other locations.
† These individuals take residential loans and vary from locations.
   Everyone else can only take Home Equity loans.

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