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Cash Management

Maximize cash flow and simplify your workday with cash management services from Northway Bank.

Some services help you get the most from every dollar, while others streamline the management of your company's finances.

Account Analysis

Track and analyze your account transactions.

Account Reconciliation

Monthly reconciliation reports give you a convenient way to track issued checks.
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Automated Sweep Services

Set up automated ways to squeeze extra value from the funds in your checking account.
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ACH Services

Make or collect electronic payments quickly and securely.
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Deposit Express Services

Deposit checks electronically by scanning them from your place of business.
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Lockbox Services

Arrange for your check payments to be sent to a PO Box. We'll retrieve and deposit them.
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Online Wire Transfers

Send money electronically anywhere in the world from your computer or mobile device.
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CD Imaging

Northway Bank CD imaging service makes it easier to monitor your account activity.

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Account Analysis

Account analysis from Northway Bank gives you an easy way to track the transaction volume and associated fees on your business accounts. Each month, we can provide an itemized list of your average balances, transaction volumes, and the balances required to offset monthly service fees. Balances from multiple qualifying business checking accounts can be linked to help offset fees.

Account Reconciliation

Streamline account management with reconciliation services that give you greater control over checks and deposits.

Full account reconciliation
Provide us your check issue file and we can generate a monthly account reconciliation report detailing outstanding, paid, and voided checks, as well as any stop payment items. Northway Bank provides detailed reconciliation reports in addition to your monthly bank statement.

Deposit reconciliation
Using a single checking account and unique location codes, you can easily reconcile deposit activity generated by multiple offices. View daily deposit tickets by location code via Northway Bank’s online banking service. Northway Bank provides detailed deposit reconciliation reports in addition to your monthly bank statement.

Automated Sweep Services

Northway Bank offers various strategies to ensure the funds in your business checking account are available when you need them, while working hard to support your cash position when they aren't.

Zero balance accounts
Simplify management of your company’s finances by having Northway Bank automatically move cash from various business checking accounts into one primary operating account. Bank statements continue to be provided on each subsidiary account.

Sweep to credit line
By sweeping excess funds over a predetermined target balance from your business checking account into your credit line each night, you keep interest expense to a minimum by reducing your principal. Funds are returned to your checking account as needed to clear items presented for payment and protect against overdrafts.

Sweep to repurchase agreement
Excess funds over a predetermined target balance are automatically transferred into interest-earning repurchase agreements* at the end of each day to maximize earnings. When your checking account falls below the target balance or items are presented for payment, the invested funds are automatically swept back.

Sweep to credit line/repurchase agreement
A sweep to line/repo combines the two previous strategies, allowing you to pay down your credit line while also earning interest on excess balances. Once your credit line balance reaches zero, any remaining funds are automatically swept into overnight repurchase agreements*.

*Please note that repurchase agreements are secured by U.S. government securities and are not bank deposits. Consequently, they are not FDIC insured and may lose value. Not insured by any federal government agency. Not guaranteed by the bank.

ACH Services

Simplify your business banking with ACH services. The Automated Clearing House is an electronic network for financial transactions. It facilitates the electronic transfer of funds, eliminating paper transactions. With ACH, you can make or collect payments quickly and securely.

  • Pay vendors and suppliers
  • Collect payments
  • Deposit payroll checks directly to employee accounts
Credit approval is required.

Deposit Express

Why make a trip to the bank when you can deposit checks electronically? With Northway Bank's Deposit Express, you can securely deposit checks from your place of business using a Northway Bank approved desktop scanner.

  • Installation and training to get you up and running quickly
  • Encrypted internet connection for secure transmission of electronic check images
  • Funds availability on the next business day (some exceptions apply)
  • Ability to deposit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No deposit tickets required, saving you time and money
  • No endorsements needed; the front and back of each scanned check is filmed and endorsed
  • Customizable, detailed reports
  • Online viewing of scanned items for up to two years
  • Technical support as needed

Lockbox Services

Northway Bank offers lockbox services to simplify the collection and processing of your business receipts. Checks are mailed directly to a post office box; Northway Bank representatives retrieve them and deposit the funds directly to your business account. The process is completely hands-off for you.

Online Wire Transfers

If you’re enrolled in Northway Bank online banking, it’s easy to initiate secure domestic or international wire transfers from the convenience of your computer or mobile device, using your secure token. You can send money to business and personal accounts anywhere in the world. Delivery is usually the same business day for domestic wires and just one or two days for international wires, which are sent in U.S. dollars.

CD Imaging

Monitoring your monthly account activity is easier with Northway Bank's CD imaging service. Each month, we can provide you with images of paid checks, deposit tickets, and your monthly bank statement on a CD for convenient viewing.

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