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Fraud Prevention

Northway Bank works hard to protect you.

We employ the latest technology to protect your privacy, secure your personal information, authenticate your transactions, and detect potentially fraudulent activity on your accounts.

When you bank with Northway, you can bank with confidence.

For more information, please visit our Privacy and Security page.

Email, Text and Online Banking Login Alerts

Northway Bank gives you an extra layer of security with automatic online banking alerts that help you spot suspicious activity on your accounts. You can choose to receive alerts via email, text, or upon login to online banking. Get immediate notification of transfers, ACH transactions, non-sufficient funds, or attempts to change your contact information. Alerts can even notify you if your balance drops below a certain amount or a specific check has cleared.

Card Skimmer Alerts

Skimming devices have been around for years, however, detecting them is getting harder as the technology for these devices improves and it becomes easier to purchase the equipment online. The skimming devices and cameras used to capture card data and PIN numbers are often designed to fit a specific ATM machine or gas pump. They can be installed in minutes and if undetected, can remain there for a week or more.

A skimmer is a device that is inserted into, or sits on top of, a card reader. This device captures the magnetic strip data from debit and credit cards. In many instances, a camera is also attached to the card reader, such as on the top of an ATM machine or a gas pump, which allows the fraudsters to record your PIN number. Once your magnetic strip data has been captured, it is sold on the black market where a duplicate “white card” can be created and unauthorized purchases may be made. If your PIN number is also compromised, these cards can be used to make cash withdrawals at an ATM.

EMV chips have minimized the risk of skimming, but most gas stations have not yet adopted the EMV technology and only about half of all merchants are using chip readers. If you have a chip card, your magnetic strip data can still be compromised if you are not using a chip reader to process your transactions.

How can you protect yourself? Before inserting your card, look carefully for something that doesn’t look right. If your card sticks, catches or feels harder than it should to insert, that is a warning sign. Report it immediately to the ATM owner or gas station attendant. When using your card at a gas pump, either use the “credit” option or shield your hand when you enter your PIN. Also, using online banking to diligently check your account activity can minimize any losses. Don’t wait for your monthly statement to see your account activity.