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Online Banking

Do your banking whenever you like, wherever you are.

We are excited to announce our new Online Banking and Mobile Banking experience will launch on August 6, 2024! Visit our "New Digital Banking Experience" web page for additional information regarding important dates and details of changes.
With Northway Bank's Online Banking, you can take care of most transactions with just a few clicks and keystrokes. Pay bills, deposit checks, transfer funds, review statements, check balances, open accounts - all you need is internet access. Northway Bank's online banking technology is easy to use and highly secure.

Online Banking 24/7

Monitor your accounts and complete routine transactions online.
Go to Online Banking

Bill Pay

Pay any business or individual with a few clicks, keystrokes or even your voice.
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Get your statements electronically instead of through the mail. There's no fee.
Go to eStatements

Person-to-Person Payments

Send money electronically to an individual with just their email address or cell phone number.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about online banking.
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Online Banking

Life keeps going outside of banker's hours. Have access to need-to-know account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With online banking, you can take care of most routine transactions online in seconds - whenever it's most convenient for you.

  • Peace of mind knowing that Northway Bank employs the industry’s highest security standards.
  • Flexibility of being able to do your banking and pay bills wherever and whenever it's most convenient for you.

  • No fee for personal online banking
  • Check your balance and account transaction history
  • View deposit account statements and check images
  • One-time or recurring transfers between accounts
  • Make bank-to-bank transfers
  • Make payments to your Northway Bank loan or line of credit
  • Pay bills one time or on a recurring basis (includes Amazon Alexa integration)
  • Place a stop payment on a check
  • Order checks or a new debit card
  • Set email or text account alerts
  • Activate, report a lost or stolen debit card, or suspend your debit card
  • Customize your online banking landing page to show what’s most important to you
  • Download account balances and transaction history for upload into Quicken or QuickBooks
  • Monitor and manage your finances with MyFinance

Bill Pay

Use Northway Bank's secure online bill pay service to save time. Schedule recurring payments to streamline routine bills or set up one-time payments to pay anyone you would normally pay by writing a check. You can even use bill pay with your Amazon Alexa device.

Enroll Here

  • Make a one-time payment
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa for voice commands ("Alexa, pay my mortgage $850 on July 31.")
  • Access bill pay history and payment records online
  • View up to 36 months of bill pay history
  •  Set up payment reminders
  • Select bill pay alerts that can be sent to you by email or text
  • Download the Northway Bank mobile app and pay bills using the app

  • Log into or enroll in online banking 
  • Click the Bill Pay tab
  • Follow the prompts to enroll

  • Bill pay integrates with Amazon Alexa devices so you can use simple voice commands to securely and quickly:
    • Complete bill payment activities
    • Review scheduled payments
    • Request basic information about payment history
  • All you need to use this feature is a smartphone with the Alexa App installed, an Amazon account, and any Alexa-enabled device
  • FIRST TIME USERS will need to go through a one-time setup process:
    • Log-on to Online Banking, go to the Bill Pay tab, select the My Account tab and go to the Voice bill pay section and create credentials for voice bill pay
    • Log in to your Alexa account to access and enable iPay QuickPay in the Amazon Skill Store
    • Enter the credentials and create a four-digit PIN
    • Authorize the account link
    • Acknowledge the related Alexa policies
    • View our quick start guide (PDF 2.41 MB) for more detailed instructions
  • To make a voice-enabled bill payment:
    • Use Alexa to start the bill pay feature. Say, "Alexa, start iPay QuickPay."
    • When prompted, provide your four-digit PIN
    • Tell Alexa the company or person you'd like to pay, the payment amount and date
    • Alexa will confirm your payment has been scheduled


Go paperless with eStatements. It's a quick, secure way to review deposits, transfers, withdrawals, and balances.

  • Securely access account statements:
    • through Online Banking by clicking the My E-Docs tab,
    • through the Mobile Banking app 
  • Print or save eStatements at home if you need a copy
  • Reduce paper consumption and clutter
  • View up to 7 years of statements through the website or six months inside the mobile app
  • Receive an email each month when your eStatement is ready
  • No fee to go paperless and enroll in eStatements

  • Log into or enroll in online banking
  • Click the My E-Docs tab
  • Click the Details link and select the accounts you wish to enroll
  • Follow the prompts to complete enrollment

Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments 

Send money electronically to an individual without having to know the recipients account information. Easily pay a friend, the babysitter, or just about anyone. All you need is their email address or cell phone number.

Enroll Here

  • Send money by email or text message - the recipient provides their routing and account number, keeping it confidential
  • Send money by Direct Deposit if you know the recipient’s routing and account number
  • Send money via check
  • Electronic payments typically paid within 1 – 2 business days
  • Check payments typically mailed and paid within 5 – 7 business days
  • Make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments to an individual 
  • Utilize the Northway Bank Mobile Banking App to set up payees and make payments on the go

  • Log into or enroll in online or mobile banking
  • Click the Bill Pay tab and follow the prompts to enroll
  • Choose the Pay a Person tab and select the way in which you would like to send the money

Online Banking FAQs

Q: How do I sign up for Northway Bank's Online Banking?
A: You can enroll in Online Banking by going to our online banking enrollment page. You can also stop by any of our branches. Our associates can get you set up online in no time.

Q: How do I log in to online banking?
A: At the top of each page in the site, there is a login button for your convenience. Go to our secure login page

Q: What will Northway Bank's Online Banking do for me?
A: Online Banking offers you another convenient way to access your Northway Bank accounts. Once you have successfully enrolled in Online Banking, you will be able to perform a variety of routine banking transactions online, including account inquiries, statement retrieval, transfers between accounts, and enroll in Bill Pay. You can also view images of your checks.

Q: What will I need to get started?
A: Any internet-enabled device, such as a personal computer, can interface with Northway Bank's Online Banking service. The security system also requires that you use a web browser capable of supporting 128-bit encryption.

Q: Will I incur any costs for online banking?
A: No. Northway Bank customers will receive routine Online Banking services at no cost. Online Banking is offered for your convenience by Northway Bank.

Q: What accounts will be available through online banking?
A: When enrolling for Online Banking by visiting one of our branches, you may designate which accounts you wish to access online. When enrolling via our online enrollment process, you will automatically have access to all of your accounts.

Q: Will I have 24-hour access to my accounts?
A: Yes. Online Banking will generally be available to you round-the-clock, every day of the year. However, there may be times when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is experiencing down time, during which you will not have access to any internet services. Down time may also occur occasionally when we perform routine maintenance on our systems.

Q: How often is my account information updated?
A: Most of the information you will view when you use Online Banking is updated each day.

Q: I am concerned about my privacy when using the internet. Should I be?
A: Absolutely, and so are we. Northway Bank is very serious about this issue and has developed an extensive policy to help protect you and your privacy.

Q: What measures have been taken by Northway Bank to ensure the security of my online banking transactions?
A: Information encoding, a password lockout system, and automatic log-off are just some of the methods used by Northway Bank to protect your Online Banking transactions. We recommend changing your Online Banking password frequently for an additional level of security. Northway Bank will never ask you for sensitive personal information in an unsolicited request to your email address. Should you receive any such requests, do not respond. Please report the incident to customer service by calling 800-442-6666.

Q: I have other questions regarding Northway Bank's online banking. How can I get answers?
A: For further information regarding Northway Bank's Online Banking, simply call the Customer Service Center at 800-442-6666.

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